I'm Keith
a FullStack Dev.



I am Keith

I enjoy coding and watching the stock market (Thats where my interest in data science started).

I love Fullstack development and designing, testing, and programming applications.

I am very comfortable working under pressure and love working with other people and teams.

A soon to be graduate of Washington University in St. Louis.😀

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Front-End Development

HTML CSS Javascript SCSS React

Back-End Development

Python Java C++ C# PHP

Data Science

Python Pandas

Mobile Development

Swift/IOS Java


Figma Adobe XD Photoshop


Data Science Web Scraping Database Development Responive Design GoogleFirebase Database Development User creation and Validation Creative Design Pandas and Other Data Science Modules

Work Experience

  • Intern for Presiding Judge French in Jefferson County (Alabama) Civil Division (Summer 2019 and 2020) +

    I watched the court process, created a law and cases database for attorneys to reference using Microsoft applications and SQL

  • Database Intern Alabama Literacy Council - Summer 2019 +

    gained experience in maintenance and creation of a database by using the SQL and PHP for the backend to create and keep track of members in an easy to understand format for the Management team

  • Computer Science Projects from 2017-Present +

    I programmed the front-end with HTML, CSS, and Javascript to increase awareness of FBLA. I am experienced in IOS Development (I created the database, user login, and backend for a covid-friendly event planning app, and I coded the

Recent Works

Python Data Science

Used Python data sciecne modules to make a personal stock application

Covid-friendly Event planning App

Worked with a team to design the Backend users and events database while enchance the front-end

Movies app with API

Designed a movies IOS App with the help of a movie database API

Landing News Page

Used my front-end development skills with PHP and SQL database to create a news sharing story and comments site. It hashes passwords for user safety

Todo List App

This was made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This uses local storage to store the task(s)

Calendar Planning App

This was made with HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL and JavaScript. Users can safety sign in and make a Calendar